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Thank you for helping me design my business card. Placing pictures of my product and me on the card has increased my business. One of the first cards I handed out gave me an order do to the product on the card. The person had said they didn't need anything. As I handed them a new card with the new product on it they said send a box of those, referring to the picture on my new card. It produced enough to pay for the card order. A picture says a thousand words.Thanks again,Your Light Bulb Guy, Dennis SchockMaintenance Engineering

You absolutely blew us away with your talent, professionalism, politeness, and friendliness. We continue to receive compliments on our photos and requests to know who we worked with. You captured and enhanced the perfection of our day. We wish we could relive it all! A million thank yous from our families to you.Love,Adam & Claudia Roesler

"I honestly cannot say THANK YOU enough for all the hard work that you guys have done for Blake and I over the past year. From our amazing engagement session with Mike to our save the dates to our beautiful wedding pictures. I can not stop showing them off or should I say the pictures showing themselves off. I was just in on Monday and viewed our wedding album and I was speechless, it is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I got the link I posted it, here are just a few of the comments I got back immediately, thought you guys might enjoy this.Sara!!! FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! They turned out awesome!!! - Lindsay B.Gorgeous Sara! Iam so excited to see your album in person!! - Stacie S.The album is awesome, gorgeous and beautiful never seen anything like it, You look amazing!!! - Amanda the music and the pictures made me tear up! You should be SOO happy with them! They did an amazing job. Gorgeous! - Nicole S.Sara your album turned out it...makes me want to go flip through mine...they do amazing work - plus can't help but have a great looking couple - Tara M.Thank you so much once again! And we will see you soon.Blake and Sara Duden

"I sent out an email this morning letting people know the photos are online. I thought you guys would like to see some of the comments I have been getting back.OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I must say from all the wedding pictures I have seen I like yours the best. The photographer and photojournalist are very very good. I cried the whole way through the slideshow. Love them.Omg - they are amazing! You were (are) so beautiful! I felt warm and fuzzy looking through them. Sounds corny, I know, but it's true! What a great day you both had to start an amazing journey in life. :)Those are great!! My favorite are when you two are in the field! Really gorgeous!What can I say? WOW!!! They are absolutely gorgeous!!! As I have said before you are a beautiful woman!!! I loved all the close ups of the flowers too. You and Bronson are quite a couple. WOW! Loved the site."Amber Power

In our work as designers, it's imperative that we have good photography to marry with our strategic design work. For this, Michael is a wonderful partner and creative thinker. We can always rely on him for high quality photography that only augments our design and layout projects. We are grateful to have a partner that we can trust to produce like this. Michael is also very good with people. I've observed that he makes them feel at ease and is comfortable in a wide range of commercial work from executive to product shots. Regardless of the set-up, Michael is thorough and thoughtful in his approach.I would highly recommend Him and his team for a wide range of commercial work.Liz BeaudryPrincipalEnvision

"You done good!!! We had such a wonderful day for Ashley & Ryan's wedding and celebration and you truly captured the essence. We all could not be more pleased. We had the ohs and awes and the nods of approval on some significant shots and laughter to boot. You are real troopers and your professionalism, light heartedness and stamina have really proven themselves. But I do have one am I going to narrow down my choices for my photo album!! :) Keep up the great work!"Ashley's mom, Mary Ellen Loewe

"We are so pleased with the product and I can't show it off enough. Everyone is so impressed. Thanks for making the day so wonderful and I feel I can remember it just the way it was by looking at the book."Rachael & Mike Tarras

Just a note to let you know the shots from last week are FABULOUS!! (of course!) Thanks. I'll be in touch soon for the next round of exciting power generation shots!Nan RoyceSales and Marketing AssistantMTU Onsite Energy

Hello! I wanted to thank everyone once again for doing Matthew and my wedding last August...Since today is our anniversary it was great to see the album online. Brought back wonderful memories. We love all the pictures and will definitely be back in the future!Jill Stauff

Good morning! I picked up our portrait (which looks amazing) last week and I wasn't sure about geting it framed at that time. Adam and I discussed it and realized we don't want anyone else to frame it but you guys!... I know I've thanked you in person many times, but i'd like to emphasize to you how greatful we are to you for your talent in wedding photography! You guys were by far the best investment we made in our wedding. The number of positive comments we've received has been overwhelming! I'm sure you hear that all the time, but we are truly greatful that you captured the best moments of our day! Its refershing to look at and so vividly relive the laughs and smiles through your work. Thank you!Brittney Bell

Thank you so very much, it was nice to meet all of you and you did such a beautiful job to make our day so, so special. Thanks again, Brenda Juhl

"Mike and Jill I know I already left a message on your answering machine, but seriously - OMG! I think I might literally be pseudo-obsessed with these pictures. Thank you guys SO much! You did such a wonderful job. I feel like I am reliving the entire day each time I look at the photos. You completely captured mine and Ryan's personalities, relationship and the feel of the entire day. Ryan's mom asked me to tell her my favorites, and they literally are all my favorites - I can't choose. (I hope 60 pages is enough :) ) Thanks again, Ryan and I really enjoyed working with both of you! You did an excellent job!"Ashley Thorson

Mike,Thank you for making our picture taking experience so enjoyable. You made everyone feel so relaxed. We all had a fun time and can't wait to see the pictures!Patti & Nanci Gruetzmacherand the whole Hoffman Family

Thanks for everything this past weekend! You and Diana were so organized. I was glad to have photographers that I could trust. I have been involved in weddings where the photographer lacks organizational skills and it always seems like so much stress for the bride. You both did so great and I can't wait to see the pictures!Stacie Stindtman

Mike,We are so glad that we chose you as our photographer! The engagement photo session was a great experience and we have gotten a ton of compliments on our sign-in book. We are very comfortable working with you and know that our big day will be awesome and will provide photos and memories to last a lifetime!Ryan & Kara Lynn